so um does anyone that follows me live in aberdeen/aberdeenshire and is going to see gerard way in glasgow? i need someone to go with otherwise my mum won’t let me go to the concert and i have no friends

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i know this is a long shot but i’m looking for a ticket to gerard’s gig in glasgow on the 7th nov, can’t find any on ticketmaster or ticketsoup and i don’t know of any other reliable sites. i’ve checked stubhub and get me in but both are selling for ridiculous prices so they’re an…

Anonymous asked: "if i were to give you my email and become an admin, what would being an admin entail? what would i have to do to run this blog"

dude i’m so sorry!!! oh man i suck. i’ve been neglecting tumblr so i only just saw your message!!
umm basically anything really! like just screenshotting tweets of gerard’s that you find interesting, funny or important c: you can totally alter the theme & description if you want to, that’s cool
i usually tag things depending on if there’s a picture with them & stuff like that
so….yeah i’m not bothered!
thanks for taking interest & again i’m sorry for taking so long to reply!

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Anonymous asked: "are you still looking for someone to help you run this blog?"

i’ve not used this blog in ages haha but yeah! the thing is, people offered before but when i asked for their email they didn’t get back to me…which i totally understand because you don’t want to give random people your email adress but yeah um tumblr needs your email so they can invite you to be an admin
so if you’re not comfortable with that then that’s cool! but if you are then obviously i won’t publish it and i’ll reply privately with my personal blog (frankaero)

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well-i-could asked: "Is there any way MCR are getting back together"

i haven’t been very involved in bandom lately because i’ve been studying for prelims (and i haven’t been on this blog for ages wow) but i would guess that there isn’t much possibility of them getting back together in the near future, sorry :c (unless something happened that i missed?)(but considering they’re releasing their greatest hits album i just don’t see a possibilty)

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please read!!

so i am super busy with school, i have about three nabs a week and a shit ton of homework like everyday so i really doubt i’ll be able to update this blog regularly

i know i’ve asked for more members before but i’m asking again, this time for someone who wouldn’t might being an admin and basically kind of taking over the blog (having a couple people would be awesome too because i know how difficult it is to update everyday)? it’s cool if no one wants to though, i just thought i’d ask


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