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well-i-could asked: "Is there any way MCR are getting back together"

i haven’t been very involved in bandom lately because i’ve been studying for prelims (and i haven’t been on this blog for ages wow) but i would guess that there isn’t much possibility of them getting back together in the near future, sorry :c (unless something happened that i missed?)(but considering they’re releasing their greatest hits album i just don’t see a possibilty)

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please read!!

so i am super busy with school, i have about three nabs a week and a shit ton of homework like everyday so i really doubt i’ll be able to update this blog regularly

i know i’ve asked for more members before but i’m asking again, this time for someone who wouldn’t might being an admin and basically kind of taking over the blog (having a couple people would be awesome too because i know how difficult it is to update everyday)? it’s cool if no one wants to though, i just thought i’d ask


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Anonymous asked: "god I'm not lying why would I lie about that it didn't even seem weird to me reading it it's gerard I mean I bet I'm not the only one that saw it"

i didn’t say you were lying sorry if it sounded like that it’s just that i honestly don’t know if he said it or not

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Anonymous asked: "that tweet was 100% real I swear I saw it just after he tweeted it he must have deleted it but it is real!"

idk dude i can’t imagine him doing that considering how defensive he gets about his sexuality but like at the same time it is gerard so